Possibilities to corporate

No one can ever know the moment when they will reach their dreams. My dream is to create a revolution in the fashion industry. No matter how ambitious that may seem, in my reality it is absolutely possible. I believe that in my ideas could, in commercial and ideological ways, be better than already existing companies now at work in existing rules of marketing. I am adamant about the revolutionary ideas of art and fashion combinations which would not only create a new cultural layer, but also build the new movement. In a sense, it is the alternative impact in consumer culture that I want to talk about. With people who have true values.

If there are people out there who would be willing to invest financially, as a designer, constructor, in a team over marketing communications, with prototype creations, in artists work pay, in market analysis and/or me, please contact me. Put more simply, contact me if you’re interested in participating in a bold new investment.

I am open and ready for any kind of cooperation. I can work like horse, so I will certainly do my part to realize my daring dream.

I can create a revolution and profit; I hope that you have a men’s clothing line which has begun to see losses and is in need of a reconstruction.

Mine contacts: arturiks.koks@gmail.com


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