Transforming to

Eventually, the only though running around my head was how I could finish this project and record the experience of it. It was absolutely clear, however, that it was necessary to create something completely unique; something that did not already exist, and only make one. Thus I clutched to this radical thought process and understood that I had to look at this project as as work of art.

The thought that I would be able to share this product with great masses lead me to the thought that I had to find some person on the planet who could understand and support this project. So, I decided to divide the remaining fabric from the painting into 12 briefs and try to give, together with the painting, those briefs to some person who could think like me in exchange for financial support.

I fabricated 12 large-size briefs, and housed them in an oak box, together with 102 photo cards, which testify of the briefs’ authenticity and offer aesthetic pleasure. The remaining fabric became a cover for the frame, creating a painting 170CM x 135CM (67in x 53in). I also created a web page for this project (, on which the future owner of the underpants will be able to obtain high-quality digital photographs in any situation.

For now, this work in it’s entirety can be classified as a contemporary work or art, or at very least as 12 very special pairs of briefs.

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