The experiment of interactions between the female body and fabric

As with every moment within this project, this one had to be full of pleasurable feelings and positive emotions. Therefore, I started the evening with dinner together with Aiga, the photographer, and Rita, the model. After good food and great wine we could start our experimental photo session, which proved very important. Because one of the aspects of the product is added value, these photos would give future owners the opportunity to see artistic photos of the creation process. This would be aesthetically pleasing and would work as a proof that these briefs are authentic.

However, this was only the first step towards realizing my dream. Up until now, everything more or less was theoretical—now, everything turned into practice.

The experiment worked better than I hoped. Usually, when you start doing something you have planned, things don’t always work the way you imagine. This time, everything happened the way it was planned. The result was wonderful. The photographer understood what was necessary for the next session. And our model understood what she had to do and what she was expected to do. I could automatically sketch our next photo session, which would be more serious. All of this made me believe that I had to continue.

They say a successful outcome mostly depends on how ready you are for the things that are happening. This event proved that’s true. At first, get ready, and only then do it.

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