Raw materials – Decision of fabric and colors

To realize my idea I needed two raw materials: high quality fabric and textile color.

After few weeks of searching for fabric and a reliable supplier in Latvia, I understood that there was nothing here that would work. I started my research outside Latvia. As a small company, I had a hard time communicating with big companies in European Union; most of the time they didn’t even answer my emails or only answered after several requests. I  knew that without good fabric this project would fail. Then suddenly, I received an email from a German company, the biggest cotton producer in Europe, with information that said they have a trade agent that could show me fabrics that I might be interested in. I contacted him immediately. I chose several fabrics in black color. When I received samples I made briefs with different cuttings at a sewing-shop “next door”. I wore them for few weeks to understand which fabric was the most comfortable. I decided that the best one was with 93% cotton and 7% elastic.

It was more difficult to decide on a color. I bought countless different colors for textile. The biggest problem was that the fabric was black, so it made no sense to put color on it, because the fabric just ate it all and the color could not be seen. After long experiments my whole dining room was covered with different colors and mixes, but I still couldn’t find the right one. After talking to textile artists I found out that there is special color for black fabric. That made it more complicated, because they didn’t offer that in the store, so I had to special order it from the producer. A few weeks later I found DEKA, a dye producer that offered special textile colors for black fabric. I decided to choose  purple. Primary raw materials were found.

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