Painting the fabric – Photo session

Suddenly, it was the 13th September, 2009. The last moments of summer were still floating in the breeze and the big day for the project was here.

This was a most interesting and eventful undertaking. It was my first time organizing a photo session that was also a manufacturing process. What could be more enjoyable than planning something and seeing the fruits of my labors which took so long to prepare? A couple of hours of painting later, and the fabric and professional photographer’s work were finished. For this event, I owe a huge thank you to the bartender Māris, who went through whole day making sure that everyone would have fantastic cocktails. I also owe a thanks to the cook Valdis (of “Gallery Room”) for the fantastic lunch that made all our taste-buds happy. Special thanks to Pebo and Siga who took care of our technical needs, our hairdresser, Artūrs Pērkons, cosmetologist, Una, and our photographer, Aga. Rita, our model, cannot be left without a huge thanks as well! She was on top of her tasks, and gave an amazing amount to this project. I also want to thank all the others that helped and were with me – Linda, Elīna, Kristaps, Līga, Līva.

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