Marketing communications proposal for underwear producers

Since all funding attraction had reached a dead end I made a proposal to the biggest men’s underwear producer in Latvia “Vaide”. I propose to use this product as a tool of communication in marketing to enter other markets. “Vaide” cannot be considered as world-class producer, but it is the only serious producer in Latvia. I arranged a meeting with its management.

In order to enter foreign market circulation, every manufacturer interested in foreign markets should hold clear-cut preferences for using this product as a limited particle included in one’s collection. In comparison with other goods produced by the same manufacturer, this product would raise an unbelievable opportunities for publicity and public discussion. Meanwhile, fabric painting might be included in programs of various art projects in different countries. Besides, in order to provide a virtual access to the process of painting, rooms with shop windows facing street might be rented in various capitals.Homosexual males were considered as an alternative audience who would receive the  fabric painted by men exclusively, which in turn would definitely rise an additional publicity. However, both the owner of the enterprise and marketing manager were unable to appreciate the potential of this product, for their production politics is based on low cost strategy and their export largely is focused on Russian market. Even though I offered them to use my idea for free permitting me to work and participate in the process of production, they did not consider it to be topical for them. Instead, they prefer production of new and cheap clothing intended for already loaded market competing with China controlling the low cost politics. I wonder, just how ambitious is the management of a company to choose the market sector already controlled by China.

I had to consider other options, for there was no financial opportunity for me to communicate with large-scale European enterprises.

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