M sized briefs are ready.

Finally the moment came when it was possible to create the product. As quickly as possible, I found a wonderful dress designer named Indra, who made the cuts for the necessary briefs. I personally created the package design, which is 100% handmade, even though initially it was very hard to learn how to work with cardboard. Now I can cut and model anything from any cardboard boxes at home. The last step was to find a sewing shop, which got the job done very quickly, although the costs were very high. First 20 M-sized samples were ready.

I was very pleased with both quality of product and appearance, so I began to find out what others thought. The majority of respondents thought that the product was great and interesting, because it not only provides an opportunity to wear unique underpants, but also provided the owner with an opportunity to view artistic nude photos by entering a special code at the project’s web site. Most respondents emphasized that our country is too small for a product of this magnitude. It was necessary to look outside the country for a market.

Thanks to the large number of people who worked on this project, it was not even a couple of days before local television stations became interested in my product. They shot a scene about me and my project. They also gave me an opportunity to take part in fashion show in connection with its anniversary. I immediately seized the opportunity and made performance concept as fast as I could. I worked with DJ to create a composition which worked as a background for live trumpets to play. Performance consisted of three models that came out during the musical performance. As part of the show the professional trumpeter was dressed only in underpants.

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