In global or How I made unique male underwear

This is a  story about a miracle, business experience, or great hopes fulfilled. It’s a legacy of possibilities and people.

Imagine. A woman, whose beauty, is so pure on the inside & outside. The strength of thought and spirit, combined with shy sexuality. A woman, who covers her body with textile colour – purple. Who, with  the help of her body and the colour, puts her energy on a piece of fabric, which then is processed and cut in two pieces. Smallest piece is used to make a front details for underwear, biggest piece is used to make a painting. The result is clearly unique, 12 very unique briefs and a painting. Briefs are packed in oak box with 102 nude art  photo cards. From some point of view, the owner could wear a painting meanwhile getting pleasure to enjoy painting and art pictures.

This is a story how unique underwear transform to unique contemporary art project.

This Blog has been made to promote this unique underwear which is only in one sample. To take a chance of finding the owner for this underwear and painting.

Maybe this VIDEO could be as introduction -ADVERTISEMENT


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