Filming the advertisement

This was a very interesting and captivating event in and of itself. It offered an opportunity to see what technical know-how and equipment is necessary for quality filming and the scenography. In this case, the event allowed one to feel like a management force, able to create advertisements at a global level. After this event, I clearly understood what would be needed to be more productive: money.

The idea for it all was very simple: create two video clips. One would be based on my idea for what needed to be made, and the other would be based not only on my idea, but also on the principles of my realization.

I was the producer of the evening. But mostly I only produced one part; the other part was given to Uģis. He mostly got everything – lights and their controls, cameras. But mostly it all ended with things I could do myself, because the whole event was based on self motivation which doesn’t always give you the right results. The budget of the event was around 100 Euro, which was spent on food and soft drinks. Ideally, we needed a little bit more financial resources, because self initiative runs out really fast. Especially if it takes time to realize it.

Thanks everyone who gave their support to the creation of this material: Uģis, Valts, Kaspars, Līga, Ieva and her friends, Ronis.

LINK TO 12BriefsAndPainting VIDEO.

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