Everything started with an idea

In the summer of 2008, I was sitting in a café by Riga city center. While drinking some excellent white wine from Sicilia and having some light salad, I finally went through all the countless ideas I had about what should be done. In one moment my cravings for the need to make something unique, something that would be really worthy, were satisfied by a clearly set goal. I wanted to create a piece of clothing which could really be made only in a single copy. Clothing with its added value.

As my first experimental variant I chose a T-Shirt. I intended to spread a big piece of fabric in a shooting range and shoot it with different kinds of weapons. A piece of this fabric would be used as a trademark / patch but the T-Shirt would be printed with various weapons. I didn’t really like the idea, and since I had countless ideas for the T-Shirt concept, I could not decide on one of them so I dropped all of them.

As a second experimental variant I chose to design pants. To realize this idea, I found a creative tailor who, reportedly, was very talented. I was ready to share everything with him, because obviously every action causes expenses. In return I expected only work. I saw this tailor as a partner. I created an added value conception, meaning, on every pair of pants, I decided to sew on a piece of a painting created by popular new artists in Latvia. As you buy these pants you also get a copy of the whole painting, which gives you an opportunity to see how the real painting looks. Paintings are painted with textile colors that protect these pieces from any situation that would be bad for those pieces. After the concept was done it was necessary to create prototypes for these pants. A lot of different fabrics were bought and the time came for the talented tailor to replace his words with works. I asked him to sew a pair of pants for me. The result of his work disappointed me, so I had to find different options to realize my idea.

One of the problems I found when I looked at the consumer market was good quality briefs for reasonable price. I couldn’t understand why the price of Calvin Klein briefs is the way it is, since a big part of the money I pay, goes to pay advertising faces like David Beckham. I decided to create briefs. For added value I would use painted fabric on their front. A naked woman covers her body with textile color. With the help of her body she fills the fabric with her energy and covers it with color. After processing the fabric it is cut and sewed unto briefs. Good quality briefs are created. Each and every one of them are unique.

I decided to realize my project.

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